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Natural Hormone Replacement

We offer Natural (bio-identical) Hormones for women and men in Natural (bio-memetic) Cycles.  Following principles of Endocrinology, we prescribe the actual hormone in the actual varying levels needed by the body to go through a normal Menstrual cycle in women (or a parallel Testosterone cycle in men).  This precision is necessary to preserve receptors on our cells, in order to support and protect:  bone, gut, skin, vessel, uterine, muscle, brain, cardiac, and breast tissue.

As preamble to Hormone Replacement Therapy, we go through, in detail, the data from the only large multi-center, RDBC study on Hormone Replacement Therapy, the Women's Health Initiative (WHI 2002).  This important study is unpacked with the patient either in individual consultation,  or in a group setting (see below, group events*). 


Gut Healing

The crux of healing inflammatory disease like auto-immune phenomena (Hashimoto's, RA, Lupus, MS, common allergies) involves healing the Gut--first, by healing any damaged lining "leaky gut" and second, by healing the gut micro-biome (the mix of micro-organisms which aid digestion, detoxification, and production of beneficial vitamins and fuel for their host).  Not simply a matter of taking pro-biotics, gut healing may initially require elimination of the most usual culprits--gluten (wheat), casein (dairy), and lectins (plant poisons)--from the diet.  Then, gut friendly foods can be introduced, starting with broth, progressing to ferments and cultured foods (which provide both probiotics and prebiotics, i.e., not only the organisms, but also their housing and their food).  Finally, the progression can lead to a full diet of low lectin plants, beneficial fats, even fish and animal products, with ferments continuing at every meal.

*See below--a group setting with 'hands-on' demonstrations is helpful to most patients while they are on a learning curve about gut healing.

Metabolic Healing

Even more prevalent than autoimmune disease, is 'Metabolic Syndrome' or 'Insulin Resistance', the precursor to Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardio-vascular disease, even Cancer.   Beyond gut healing, an intensive reset of the insulin/sugar balance  is needed. This may involve regimens like Ketogenic diet, compressed eating or 

Keto-Fast, or even Fasting, to heal a deranged metabolism.  For these treatments, close supervision and/or group learning with its built-in social support is urged*.

Genomic or "Personalized" Medicine

Through the various labs, patients may economically get their genome done.  We then help them utilized this information to make choices in diet, exercise, supplements specific to them.  We guide them through the data, and the related biochemical mechanisms, so that they may better understand (even do their own research)  to optimize their own uniqueness.

Many say they fear knowing their genetics. They do not want to live with the knowledge of their vulnerabilities.  But maybe, they do not understand the power of epigenetics, the influence of the environment on genetics.  Our SNPs (or mutations) may be there for good reason.  In  evolutionary language, the SNPs could be adaptive--or they were adaptive--to some of our ancestors.  Sometimes we just need to recreate elements of an environment that worked for our ancestors. 

One example, is the British Isles inhabitants, who, in their evolution, adapted to a diet high in oily cold water fish.  When they left that environment (diet), they developed high rates of alcoholism, depression, and certain autoimmune diseases.   Would not it be better for these decedents to know that vulnerability. . . . .and eliminate their risks by replacing fish oils?




Dr. Morton offers both individual consultation and group events.   

The group model comes from  IM4US (Integrative Medicine for the Underserved).   Their Motto, "Self-Help and Solidarity" describes the teaching of empowering self-help tools in a group setting, where value is placed on support and connection, so that community naturally happens.  

Community heals at all socio-economic levels.

Whether the event is 'hands-on' making sauerkraut or other ferment, or it's giving support for one's first attempt at a 'compressed eating' pattern or a partial fast--whenever humans gather with intention of support and connection, magic happens.

Most group events are co-sponsored by EROS (Encouraging Relationships of Sustainability) 5013c, the non-profit arm of this Medical Practice which seeks  to educate--and motivate remediation of--health and environmental issues in the larger community.

The recent events co-sponsored by EROS, besides Healing Gut/Healing Metabolism Diet Series, have included:  Soil Regeneration as Climate Remediation,  Healthy Housing,  Sociacracy.  And, we have launched multiple educational forums on Health and Environmental Effects of EMFs. 

(We have put such emphasis on Electro-Smog or microwave radiation because patients need to know that the healing modalities we offer won't work in an environment saturated with wireless frequencies.  Microwave radiation causes 'leaky-gut', insulin/sugar imbalances, spontaneous mutations, and all the diseases that follow.  Trying to heal damage while inducing that very damage would be an exercise in futility.)

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