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Leah Morton MD

Leah Morton MD

Renee Tafoya MA

Renee Tafoya MA

   Dr. Morton graduated from University of Missouri School of Medicine and  the University of New Mexico Family Medicine Program.  Her initial focus was Women's Health, Obstetrics, and following the thousands of babies she has delivered into adulthood. 

   But in the last 30 years of her practice, she has  pioneered Functional Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and now, Genomic or "personalized" Medicine, in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

   From a small farm town in rural Missouri, to the Gandhian Institute for the Study of Nonviolence in California with Joan Baez in turbulent Sixties, to a more settled, but intensive, study of Medicine in the Seventies and Eighties, and to the present, she brings her passion for healing her patients, her community, and our fragile natural world.

Dr. Morton is creating Regenerative Agriculture in collaboration with her community in the Rio en Medio Valley near Santa Fe, NM.  Healing our soil, ecosystem, body, and soul happens together. 


Renee Tafoya MA

Renee Tafoya MA

Renee Tafoya MA

   Renee has worked side by side with Dr. Morton for 25 years.  During the birth through death Family Medicine experiences with Dr, Morton, she has always treated patients as family, helping them through the complexities of entering the medical system, navigating medical tests, and coping with challenging hospitalizations.  

She knows many of you "by heart" and has helped you through the transitions of becoming family,  of menopause, of loss and grieving, and of illness and recovery.


 Now Renee splits her time between La Familia Medical Center in Santa Fe and this farm-based, more Integrative, medical practice.  

Addressing these more complex multi-system illnesses (autoimmune diseases like MS, RA, Hashimoto's) requires the same compassionate support Renee has always been able to provide our patients going through the seasons of their lives. 

Professional Engineer

Michael Schwaebe PE

Michael Schwaebe PE

Michael Schwaebe PE

          Engineer, Building Biology

          Environmental Consultant

   Michael was catapulted from a 30 year career in engineering (nuclear, mechanical, solar) into specifically environmental re-mediation work by a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), after which he became sensitive to all environment toxicants--chemicals, mold, electrical magnetic radiation.  He refers to this TBI as his "God Knock".

  Through the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, he trained in both air quality and EMF radiation detection and remediation.  He also does geopathic remediation.


 Michael lives in the San Diego:


             760 753 7752

He is intermittently available, in the Santa Fe area, during his visits to the farm, to guide our patients in making their homes and workspaces healthy.


His farming interests align with the Biodynamic Farming movement, which goes beyond merely organic growing methods to incorporate energy field awareness, natural cycles, and focus on the soil micro-organism community.


Edward Paddock

Michael Schwaebe PE

Michael Schwaebe PE

                  Farm Engineer


Edward oversees the several mechanical systems needed to operate the farm homes, orchards, and fields in an ecological and water-conserving manner.  We have a roof rainwater catchment that collects in a large cistern. The rain runoff is filtered  before coming into the dwelling space for home use.  Leaving the home, the grey/black water is further bio-remediated.  The purified grey water is recycled by drip to Raspberries, Blackberries, Apples, Pears, stone fruits and other non-root crops.

  Edward also manages the traditional Acequia (ditch) watering system flowing off of the Rio en Medio and shared with the whole valley.  And, he manages the more modern drip and overhead irrigation apparatus for the Hemp, Alfalfa, Clover and wildflower cover crops.

  But possibly, Edward's most essential duty is that he operates the snow plow!  This makes it possible for this whole system--living space. Farm, Medical Consultation and Teaching Space to happen in a place of transcendent beauty next to the Santa Fe National Forest. 

  His farming preferences are closest to 

Holistic Management Institute (HMI).